Frames and floors!

We have finally stared framing our yacht! So far we only have one frame, and four floor timbers. It only  took a day to do the first set, and Im pretty sure i’ll only get faster at it the more of them I do.  Hopefully we can knock them out quick!

DSCN5170 First frame done.

DSCN5168 Measuring for the floor timber. You can barley make out the outlines of the frames on the table. This is what we use to find the correct shape for all the frames.

DSCN5186 DSCN5184Getting the first set up, and making sure things are level.

DSCN5188All bolted in place! everything lined up nicely. The floor timber is the big cross beam at the bottom of the frames. This is what ties the frames to the keel. Which is why we left a bunch of bolts sticking up out of the keel. Once we get the floor all measured up we drill a big hole through the middle of it and slide it down onto one of the bolts, securely fastening it to the keel. then the frames are through bolted to the floors with six 3/8in. bolts.

The more she comes together the more I realize just how stout this design is. I think she will inspire confidence in any and all adventures to come!

keel stuff

Two weeks have gone by since the ballast pour so it was time to flip the keel back upright. It was surprisingly easyish. Two high lift jacks, and a cable come along was all it took. The hard part was determining where to put the jacks to maintain a good grip so the 7000 pound keel didn’t fall back on top of me… seeing as I am neither dead nor crippled I managed not to screw it up.

DSCN5129 DSCN5126 Working both jacks together to slowly inch the keel up.

DSCN5131 DSCN5132Being careful not to let it fall the other way once it passes the teetering point.


The last couple days we have been working on getting the keel totally done. We still had three timbers to attach in order to complete the keel assembly.

DSCN5158DSCN5164She grew a little!

DSCN5167 Forefoot, stem, and stem knee added up front. transom knee aft. She now only has a few feet of clearance from the rafters in the shed! Some slight miscalculations in determining the height of the shed….. definitely swabs fault.

Hard to believe we are at the framing stage! We are itching to start building the frames, but we are still waiting on the lumber. Hopefully by midweek we can get started on them, but for now it’s pretty freakin cool to see the whole keel put together!