Happy 1st Anniversary!

Ruth here:

“In order to celebrate I’ve put together this video. I’ve taken so many pictures this past year and this made it hard to choose the right ones for this “flashback” video. I feel pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Not originally what I set out to put together but it’s become so much better. I’ve re-watched it several times already and it brings tears to my eyes to think back on all this hard work! So many days we were exhausted beyond our limits and yet the next day the sun came up and with it the next work day began. We’ve certainly helped hold each other up. Many months before we started we went back and forth on whether or not we should even undergo something so crazy and would we go crazy ourselves while doing it. Our biggest fear was that it would become too much. Both of us are quite stubborn so we were determined once we began there was no other option than to finish. This didn’t, however, stop those thoughts from arising and that conversation to be had time and time again. Now a year in and we both are saying with confidence we are half way through the build. Soon she will be floating and this all will seem like a dream just as it was from the beginning. A dream now a reality!

Cheers to year 2!

Spring is in the air!

Ruth here:

“This week we may see up to 70 degrees! I just can’t contain myself.
We are moving right along. We’ve got the first plank on in the bow for run #5 and we’ve begun cutting the next planks for the rest of the 5th and then the 6th run. The sun is shining and I’ve got the next 4 days off to help Garrett get stuff done!

Here is the beautiful Redivivia now half way through her topside planking!


Keep sending the good vibes!”


planking pictures

We finally have some pictures to share of our planking progress. We are on the fourth run of planking on both sides, and it will take eight runs to reach the chine. So far everything is going on easily, and we can really start to feel the boat gain strength and rigidity as all the frame work gets tied together.

DSCN7168 cutting the stem rabbet down for the fourth run.

DSCN7178 Fourth bow plank.

DSCN7175 This is where we are on both sides as of today. Lots of rain on the forecast so we’ll see what this week brings.

Thats all for now!

Garrett & Ruth


Hey everyone! We haven’t posted in a bit, and I happen to have internet right now. Unfortunately I don’t have our camera to upload pictures… Soon though. Anyway things are moving along. Winter and spring seem to be duking it out, and so far Im not sure who’s winning. It’s definitely warming up slowly, but we were quite surprised to wake up to snow this morning! It doesn’t look like it will last to long, but it’s been coming done pretty hard.

Planking is going swimingly although a bit slower than I would like due to all the rain we’ve been having. I am finally learning to accept these weather delays after a year of working on this project. There is always something else I can focus my energy on. For instance yesterday I finally got around to a job I had been neglecting since last summer. The said job being bolting the stem assembly together. Quite an important thing, but I got into the habit of saying “I’ll get around to it eventually” on account of it being firmly glued together with epoxy.  I get into this obsessive need to progress sometimes that I put the little things on the back burner. Another valuable life lesson to be learned from this project! As much as I want to be done building, and start sailing again I value this experience more than I can describe. It has, and will continue to teach me so much. Not only about boat building, but about life, and the way I perceive it. I know I need to get through this in order to fully appreciate the freedom and bliss of sailing, and the cruising life I have been so fortunate to live.

Once again thank you to everyone, and a special thank you to all who have donated to help us achieve our dream!

DSCN7053 (thought this was cool!) Cheers!

Garrett & Ruth (and swab)

s.v. Rediviva