Topsides DONE!

Another milestone down! Topsides are completed! It was a great learning experience, but I am very happy to done with them… Now we can move on to bottom planking, and deck work. We have actually been squeezing a bit of deck work in the last couple weeks, and we have a couple beams already on. I figure we’ll work on the bottom and the deck at the same time. Mainly to keep me from getting bored. I apologize because once again we didn’t take great pictures before coming into town, but i’ll post what we have. It definitely makes it interesting keeping this stuff going while living in the sticks with no internet or reception. Although it gives us a good excuse to come into town, get a good coffee and relax while we bring things up to date. Anyway here are a few pictures of the progress!

DSCN7773 Pulling the 20ft bow plank into position.

DSCN7718 Pipe clamps were a must for these planks. (thanks Jim!)

DSCN7729 Kind of an awkward angle, but it’s the only picture we have so far of the topsides completed.

Better pictures should be on the way soon, but it feels amazing to have this stage of the build done! everything should be pretty simple after this, and progress should really start to fly! The plan is to have her all structurally built when we truck her ( hull, deck, cabin house, etc.) but save all the finish for the boatyard. I am really looking forward to that stage! Building the interior, and trimming everything inside and out with all the beautiful wood we’ve collected over the last year!

Well thats it for now. Have a good one!


Westerbeastie takes to the sky!

So as i’ve mentioned before we have many awesome neighbors in this small mountain community. With that being said it’s no surprise that one simple comment of ” yea I don’t know how the hell i’m gonna get that engine in the boat” while taking to a friend that stopped by, brought a massive boom truck to the property. In less than an hour our 630 pound diesel was plucked up and gently set inside the boat as if it were made of styrofoam. People are like that up snowden. Kind, generous, and more often than not they own heavy machinery! Thanks guy’s we would have had a hell of a time with it ourselves!

DSCN7617 So I was envisioning a regular sized truck with a little boom crane on it…. Not so much!

DSCN7648 The engine was like a a pebble to this thing.

DSCN7661 A couple slices with a knife… Sun roof! How quaint…

DSCN7672 Stoked!

DSCN7674 Now back to business.

DSCN7691 and she’s in!! Just blocked in place for now. I’ll make permanent mounts later.

Well another monumental task completed! Only a few odds and ends and we’ll start on bottom planking! We’re getting there!

Thats all for now.

Garrett & Ruth

To the chine!

Well there’s good and bad news to report… Bad news we have had some serious delays lately because of my back. Good news i’m back up and hobbling and so close to being done with the topsides! We are all the way down to the chine now, and only have several more pieces to fit. We have all of our lumber bought and planed, and can just keep chippin away. If weather cooperates I see us finishing the topsides this week! Needless to say we’re pretty stoked. It’s really exciting also knowing that the bottom planking should only take a fraction of the time on account of being cross planked.  On top of that just knowing that we are trucking the boat to a yard this fall really keeps us charging! Unfortunately I spaced on taking pictures before coming into town, but will follow up with some soon!