Back in the Game!

Ruth here:


“We are back at work! Hopefully after a much needed vacation to see family and friends we can get back to work with new motivation and sense of tenacity!

Congratulations to our amazing friends Jon & Carly who have officially tied the knot

DSCN8609 DSCN8637 DSCN8625

We got to go sailing on their boat in the Delta near Sacramento. Drinking Gin and Grapefruit on the water…no words can describe that bliss.


Still in summer with a solid two to three months left of budding flowers and warm weather to knock out bottom planking and make a good dent in getting the deck and cabin tops assembled!

DSCN8813      DSCN8820  DSCN8814

With 11 planks on port it was time to move to the starboard side to even her out!

DSCN8816       DSCN8836      DSCN8840         DSCN8844      DSCN8837

I obviously did not get to the next video while we were in California, I had good intentions on doing so, but I am hard at work now and should have the next video out shortly, showing how we managed to fandangle all 6 stringers in place.




Wow! Bottom Planking

Ruth here:

“The day has come for Rediviva to get her bottom planks on!


Day 1:

2 planks on and the next 5 cut

DSCN8528 DSCN8530 DSCN8537 DSCN8521

Day 2:

Errand run in town and total of 8 planks installed.

Day 3:

11 planks on the Port side done! 5ft and 7/8”, to be exact, area covered.

DSCN8568 DSCN8563 DSCN8566 DSCN8564 DSCN8569           DSCN8570

More days to come with a short break away to drive down to California for two of our best friends who are getting married! Should be able to get out the next video while we are there…

Here shows the Cheeks:

DSCN8543         DSCN8547

I don’t know if we’ve mentioned that once again our tarp on the shed needs replacing… We used the old shredded on the cover the boat as best we could.”


Stringer Pictures

DSCN8250 DSCN8249

Stringer #1, bending her into place to dry fit. Starboard side.

                    DSCN8282 DSCN8283

Stringer #1 and 2 installed. #1 (the middle stringer) we thought would be the easiest but we were way off. It set the position for the other two stringers so it had to be perfect and with it being our first attempt at bending a 40ft scarfed piece of wood over our heads it was a learning exercise!


DSCN8292 DSCN8294

Getting #3 into her notches. Completing the Starboard side.


Stringer #4, first one on the Port side and the middle stringer. Didn’t take as long as Starboard but still the middle stringer setting the alignment for the others means more care and finesse are needed.

                            DSCN8308 DSCN8318 DSCN8312         DSCN8376 DSCN8383

#5 out of 6. (Left) Dry fitting. (Right) Notches cut.


Notches for #5 ready for Preservative and Tar

                  DSCN8441 DSCN8442

All 6 stringers installed!


From inside the boat

            DSCN8455 DSCN8457

All that is left now is to install the Cheeks and cut the Rabbet!

Garrett finished installing the Cheeks the other day (pictures to come) and has decided to cut the Rabbet as we go on with bottom planking in order to get planking sooner!

Going back up the hill now where Garrett should be putting the first planks on the bottom!!!!!! We thought this day would never come haha


So Many Things!

Ruth here:

“I can’t believe how many things have happened in the last month. I mostly take videos rather than pictures these days, since our YouTube channel has been growing, but I should remember that pictures are still worth a thousand words. I’ve been flipping through the film, as if I still used film…, and realized we’ve gotten a lot completed. I can’t believe Garrett failed to mention another huge thing that got checked off the list; cutting down the last of our trees for spars and such! Garrett’s brother Reid was in town and seemed like as good a time as any to wrangle them out of the forest. My camera died, however, I know very dramatic! Then my phone died so these are the only photos I captured…

DSCN8334 DSCN8335 DSCN8339 DSCN8343 DSCN8350 DSCN8375 DSCN8357 DSCN8359 DSCN8365 DSCN8368

DSCN8405 DSCN8403 DSCN8402 DSCN8404

The day before yesterday was really exciting! I’ve been waiting for this moment for awhile. We removed ALL the cross bracing from the frames. We have 7 deck beams, which is all of the full-length beams, up! We had to leave some of the top bracing on the frames to keep her ridged until we can install the carlins (cabin wall framing) and side-deck beams. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (Mom) you will just have to wait and see. All will be revealed in time. We began the day thinking we had decided on a Pilot House and Flush Deck lay-out with a Focsle and we finished the day with changing everything and installing deck beams to accommodate a Center Cock-Pit with an Aft Cabin and Focsle layout… Garrett says it right, “We no longer make plans, we make ideas.” It’s the only way we can stay sane and keep everyone else from going crazy when we change our mind again. Sorry Fam! They’re used to it by now… Family – “Wait, I thought you were…?” Us – “Yeah, no… That was yesterday!”

DSCN8387 DSCN8450 DSCN8461 DSCN8460

High-tech center line


Now we can see what we are working with!

DSCN8480 DSCN8482 DSCN8485

DSCN8479 DSCN8487

I love watching Garrett stare at the boat. I liken it to a mother watching the father smile down on their child. Knowing there is love there. This birth has been exhausting and tedious but when you can look at what you’ve done and still smile you know you are doing the right thing for you. At the end of the day I can’t help be proud of not only Garrett but myself too. I’m still here and I’m still smiling! Something about a man, his boat, and a dream.”




Hey everyone! Sorry for the long silence… We have have back to back visits from friends, and family lately. It was awesome to see everyone, and it was a welcome break from the boat! Unfortunately the last couple times I have tried to post something it wont let me upload pictures… Which is pretty lame because we have quite a few to share. Hopefully it will fix itself soon. Things like this seem to happen on this site fairly often, so we’ll see.

Anyway we have been crossing things off the list lately. We finished the stringers, cheeks, a few more deck beams, and we are ready to start planking the bottom! We have to do a supply run in portland to pick up some more fasteners and what not. Then we can start planking.  It’s about time to… The stringers took way longer than I expected, but hopefully we can make up some time and knock out this bottom planking! We have quite a bit of the deck framing done now as well, so once we finish the bottom it shouldn’t be to long before were laying the deck. We have decided to go with plywood for the deck. Most likely 2 layers of 3/8 AC /MDO or 3 layers of 1/4 luan then we’ll cover it with epoxy. Now I know there are some out there who will think were crazy for not using marine plywood, but the fact is people have been building decks out of regular exterior plywood for years. Sure marine ply is better, but we can’t afford it. The key is in taking the extra steps to protect the regular ply. Making sure you bed everything properly, and get a good protective coating on it. I have talked to people with decks built like this that are 10-20 years old ,and still going strong. That’s why I love Beuhler designs, and his overall philosophy on boat building. He’s not afraid to go against the grain, and promote an alternative view on boatbuilding even if it brings criticism from some. The fact is boats like this have been successfully working, and sailing in all conditions for years, and personally I like the workboat style. I have never been one for fancy, flashy things. I am quite content with wood, tar, and steel!

Well I will try the pictures again soon, and hopefully have a couple shots of bottom planking as well!


Have a good one!

Garrett & Ruth