We have a hull!

Finally we’ve finished planking the hull! the last couple planks were a little more tricky to fit, but not to bad. They are triangular, and need to be shaped to slide in right where the two rabbets meet. It’s pretty crazy, and kinda funny because it definitely hasn’t set in yet. It’s always interesting with every milestone we accomplish the excitement does’t come till later. I get in a zone to push through, and when it’s finished I don’t feel much excitement until I reset a bit. The winter is getting close, but we have once again been blessed  by the lingering kindness of humanity. This time in the form of a giant kerosene heater for the shed. i’m pretty stoked because once we get the shed closed back up it should be able to heat the whole thing. We will be moving back to the deck and cabin houses now, and hoping the winter isn’t to bad this year.

dscn9666     dscn9665

dscn9667 There it is!



Ruth here:


“Garrett had one hell of a roller-coaster day. He usually starts the generator to let it warm up before he does anything else but yesterday he decided to prep the hull for the next 5 bottom planks. He preserves and tars every surface then goes to start up the generator. The Genie has been a little stubborn lately with the weather slowly shifting to cold and colder. Garrett squirted a little starting fluid and gave it a go. The generator goes into flame! Fight or flight? Should he get the hell out of dodge or try and put out the flame which is a couple feet tall? He had just filled the tank, which rests above the flame, with 5 gallons of gas and next to the generator is the spare 5 gallon jerry jug. Also to note the generator sits right next to our trailer which is our home and has an open flame propane refrigerator… Thankfully it is raining so Garrett’s hands were wet and he didn’t suffer any burns. He rips off, somehow, the cover for the carb and the fuel filter which is where the flame started. He throws it as far away as possible along next with the spare jerry jug of gas. He frantically starts shoving dirt, that being his only available extinguisher, anywhere he can to suffocate the fire. This method was successful but before he was in the clear he noticed the filter he threw was still very much on fire. Fortunately the generator is not ruined we just need to replace a few parts and Garrett does not look like something out of a horror film with a deformed face!

dscn9551 dscn9548 dscn9549

We are getting awfully close to finishing the bottom planking. The port side is winning but starboard is not too far behind. She is looking really awesome! Progress will once again resume after we take care of repairing the generator:)

dscn9565 dscn9569 dscn9564 dscn9568

I’ve been filling all the countersink holes with epoxy and sawdust. I’m about half way on the Port side of the boat. Garrett will grind down the epoxy to be flush with the hull and then will plane down the entire hull to make her fare and ready to be preserved then primed. ”

dscn9573 dscn9575

Thanks everybody!


We have a deck!

Again sorry for the long delay between posts and videos. We will get back into the groove of interneting soon…  That being said exciting things are happening on the boat building front. We have completed the first layer of our deck! We have yet again altered plans slightly on the construction of the deck. We were going to cold mold it with a few layers of fir since we got all that great reclaim lumber. I would still love to do it that way, but building with only a generator for power has its limitations… My table saw just cant handle cutting all those strips out of the 2×12’s. The generator is just powerful enough to run it  , but only if i’m not pushing it to hard. I got through about 1/4 of what we needed and realized it wasn’t worth it. So we have decided to do a combination of the different methods. We laid down one layer of 3/8inch ply, and over that we plan on epoxying and fastening a layer of 1/2″x3″ fir strips. Then to finish it off we will glue a thin layer of decretive fir on top with gaps for caulking to make her look nice and salty 🙂

dscn9521    dscn9528


It’s pretty awesome to walk around up on deck, and all to easy to sit around day dreaming. We are starting preparations for winter. It’s getting cold fast and we both have no idea how summer went by so fast. Hopefully we’ll be back with another update soon! Have a good one!