R.I.P “The Little Laptop that Could”

Dear Friends,

The day before yesterday I had to say a final goodnight to my little laptop. I’ve had that 11” MacBook Air for as long as I’ve been married to Garrett (5 years). We’ve been through a lot together! Boat and job hunting, wedding planning and weather forecasting, millions of pictures and hours of episode editing. Now it’s gone. I wish there was some epic story to tell… God knows how many times I’ve dropped it, forgot it, saved it from flying across the cabin in a gnarly swell, covered it with sawdust while it played hours of music to boost morale. But it passed away silently. No response to touch or pleading for a sign of life…

I’m sharing all of this with you because now I’m computer-less. We may be a little M.I.A for a while. This also means the next episode will be delayed!?!?! Which really upsets me. Hours already put into the next one wiped away. At least I was smart enough not to store anything on the computer itself and have all raw material saved on separate hard drives. I’m going to still try and post from friends computers but this may be few and far in between.dscn15881




2 thoughts on “R.I.P “The Little Laptop that Could”

  1. Bummer. Hopefully things will turn around and a new computer will find its way to you. In the mean time I’ll still be here waiting to follow your progress when you do get things sorted. Thanks for all the fun so far.


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