Episode #21

Finding balance in this episode. Between boat building and sailing. Reminding ourselves that we are building Rediviva to eventually go sailing and see the world! This is going to be awesome.
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Once we were in the groove we were unstoppable. We portioned the cabin ceiling in 3 stages. Day one started working from the port side of the companion way out. This ended up taking a few days but we found our rhythm soon enough.

Practically finished stage 2, working from the starboard side of the companion way out, in one full day!


Stage 3 left the center of the deck to be filled in. In this stage we also decided the placement of the main salon hatch.

 Garrett worked hard on deck fastening each strip down and trimming them to the shape of the cabin while Hoffa and I were outside the shed diligently rounding the corners of every plank and planning down any burns left behind by the table saw.

We were lucky enough to find a few really nice days. Even managing to earn ourselves a little sunburn! God, that felt good. We forgot how quick we move when the sun is shining. I think all three of us thrive off of solar energy.


Without any ports in the side walls it’s a little hard to capture on film exactly how beautiful the cedar looks from down below. We all stared up for a very long time that day. All that was left was to find just the right piece to fill in the ceiling “spine.” Garrett pulled out a wonderful piece of fir, surprisingly one we picked up from Home Depot, with a mix of grain from VG to flat sawn. We’re thinking we’ll stain the “spine plank” a little darker to closer match the western red beams.

Next up is laying down plywood and more glassing! It’s been really nice getting to mix in a bit of finish work with the raw construction of the boat. It means we are getting that much closer to completing the dream and living out the next from the water!

Cheers All!

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