5 thoughts on “Episode 27 Y’all!

  1. Thank you so much for documenting each step of the way. It’s so important to be reminded, that with hard work and perseverance dreams can become reality.
    I am 63 now and the journey of Rediviva has inspired me to dust off some old dreams and give them life again!
    Press on!


    1. Hearing that, Bob, gives me purpose! I love putting the videos together and it means the world to me when it encourages others to follow a dream. It’s not always easy but the reward truly out weighs the hardship. Thank you for watching and welcome to the crew! We’re so happy to have you as one of our newest patrons 😉


  2. Nice video. There is something about seeing your boat on a travel lift, especially when you have done so much work on her, and it is getting close to splash time.
    You guys are awesome, keep your spirit sky high as you get nearer to your goal.
    Seeing you on the aft deck with beers, enjoying the sun is AWESOME. AND the day will come when you are ON the water doing docktails.
    Thanks for a great vid.


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