Good Time to Take Time


I received this text on Thursday… so we’re taking some more time away from the boat. Although, now we’re thinking we could have waited to launch the boat and she would have just floated off the stands soon enough.

(maybe all the Noah jokes were true??)

We can make better use of our time recuperating and organizing our thoughts. Maybe even a little boat part hunting! A little further south from Garrett’s mom’s place is a wonderful dusty shop called Minney’s Yacht Surplus. We’ve written about them before but it’s been over a year since we’ve dropped in to see what they have. Road Trip!

I’ve tried for years to get Garrett to take time away from the boat. Especially during the winter months. He’s starting to listen 😉

Sometimes there’s no place like home. Soaking up family time instead of being drenched at the boat is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve gotten two videos done and working on the third. Garrett’s replaced flooring in three rooms and the trim, painted, and about to repair the kitchen cabinets. We’ve cooked meals with loved ones and shared memories over wine. Swab’s looking forward to a beach day with the next glimpse of sun. We’ve visited our favorite sandwich shop and sushi joint. Today’s more painting and drinking tea inside a warm, welcoming home!


Let’s Talk Strategy


In an attempt to get organized and on the same page a list was created. Garrett’s head is full, too full. How can we relieve some of that pressure? While getting away and distracting ourselves from our monstrous project is nice it doesn’t change the fact that we will inevitably have to return and deal with our problems. Because we are adults. Taking in some advice I think breaking down what’s left to finish Rediviva is a good idea. So looking at the next three to five projects this is what we’ve come up with:


#1 The Engine

#2 Bulwarks

#3 Decking

#4 Anchoring

#5 Main Interior

Even this can make your head hurt. So the first three things then. Bulwarks and Decking are a want-to slash would-be-nice but also “if we were to do things in order” kind of thing. They both require dry working days (we’d love sunny) and … more wood. Having these things done would make #4 easier. In order to set the boat up to anchor we need a bowsprit, samson posts, windlass, anchor, and rode. The only things we don’t have are the samson posts and the bowsprit which if we had the decking laid first we wouldn’t have to work around them later and the bulwarks would help determine the sheer thus determining the angle of the sprit. All of which we need more wood for. So back to #1 The Engine.


We had to make a sub-list for it’s involved. So far, this list has 15 items. Thankfully, most are just a matter of purchasing said items but building the exhaust elbow and control box and installing the fuel tank are more elaborate. We have a good amount of what’s needed like the shift/throttle lever, wiring, fuel tank, and locust for control box to run the Westerbeastie. Some of the things we need to buy are raw water stainer, starter battery, cables, fuel lines, but most importantly the thrust bearing. Where to even start? Well we just got paid for January’s videos so let’s get the thrust bearing! Not something we want to cheap out on so there goes $262. It’s on its way to Napa! There we go, progress! Visual progress is extremely satisfying but we’ll have to settle for new parts arriving in the mail and pretend it’s Christmas again. “Oooo, a thrust bearing, just what we’ve always wanted” and “Oh, oh a water lift muffler! You shouldn’t have.”

Hopefully we can find a few things at the two marine consignment shops near-ish by. Trick is not to get distracted and buy something less crucial. Although ports would be nice. If there’s a deal to be had we will find it. If it’s not having the money it’s the hunt that can delay projects but that is also part of the fun.

I think I can help Garrett get organized and stay on task. Really work as a team to finish this thing. We’ve decided the engine is priority number one. As our budget allows we’ll move onto the other things. Planking the deck would be a major moral booster so our eyes are pealed for the right wood/craigslist deal. The deck being everywhere wood and the bulwarks planked will make her feel even more “shippy.” Next would be getting her ready to anchor. To be able to drop the hook in the river and spend a night away would be amazing. Finishing the interior is an ongoing thing but we’ll be able to start sleeping aboard soon; now that the forward bunk is in. The interior is more together now than it was when we were living in the boatyard. We need to get a few more boat things checked off the list but I want to start checking things off the make-her-a-home list too. So finishing the interior comes in at #5. It’s weird to feel excited, determined and overloaded all at the same time. I guess it’s just a strange point in the build. We are in the water, floating which is extraordinary but also still very much in the construction stage. She’s a boat but not a sailboat yet. We’ll get there. One step at a time. Thrust bearing is ordered.

Sub-step one in progress.

Answering the Family Call


Garrett’s mom has just purchased a house that needs some TLC and upgrading! Since we are in need of some work and are at a stand still with boat until we can afford more materials (as well as just needing some time away) we were happy to get her call. The front room of the house was bare concrete and who better than Garrett to install new flooring? I’m sure Susan is glad to have a handy DIY son!

img_5355 The entire first day was spent removing the some 20 pieces of tile that were at the foot of the front door. Popping the tile was the fun part scraping and grinding the mortar however was awful. After sweeping up the debris we had to mask up for two days for the dust didn’t want to settle. Day two was a rockstar day. First, laying down the black plastic moisture protection layer then the gold foam cushioning and noise barrier.

The underlayment was fun to roll out and trim. Garrett and I talked at length about how much easier house projects are than boats. Right angles. It has been awhile since we felt like we had a killer day like this. We started around 9 and didn’t stop till about 7. It’s good to know we can still pull hours like that. The boat has become laborious and demotivating. I think that means we need a break… Nonetheless Garrett and I can’t stop working. We might be crazy people. We have to keep creating and constructing to find meaning but Rediviva is now just a nuisance. It may be in our best interest to pick a new project or at least something to split our time and energy on so we can re-inspire our love for the dream. We are stoked to be down in central California with someone else’s project to occupy these thoughts. Even Swab is excited to take a load off and soak up some sun…although, I don’t know how that’s any different from what he does at home but what do I know?

So shiny! Maybe the floor should remain gold? Certainly makes you feel royal.

Once the two layers of underlayment were secure Garrett took charge installing the laminate floor and I turned my sights on painting. Every room in the house is getting a little painting upgrade. We also ripped out the old carpet in the two bedrooms. Why is destruction so satisfying? Taking a razor blade to the carpet and tearing it from the tack strips was gratifying. Rolling up the old, throwing it out the window, and bringing in the new. I feel like it’s a metaphor for life. Maybe that’s what needs to happen on Rediviva? We need to toss out our old crapy sheets, replace our tired tools, thin our belongings (stuff!) and refresh our minds with a little self-care.


No lights in the house yet so a decent picture of the flooring last night wasn’t possible but it’s amazing how it’s transformed that front room. I can now get in there with fresh paint and make this a home for Garrett’s mom. Today, I’m strapping myself to the computer to work on Episode 43. Honestly, I love seeing the house evolve into a home that I’d rather be there but I can’t wait to share the launch with all of you!!! I’m torn. Feeling motivated and inspired today. So many life lessons to be found in the sometimes oddest of places. We’ll be down here in Garrett’s hometown for at least a week hoping to return to Rediviva a new! Thanks everybody 🙂

Rain with a Chance of Progress

We really have the perfect spot. The boat floats with the dock up and down with each tide. Even when the winds howl and the rain falls we are safe below deck. The house a short jog up the ramp to make a pot of tea and warm up with a hot shower. Progress continues at a slow space as funds fluctuate and motivation hinges on the weather.

We are both looking eagerly to spring and rejoice in the ruff completion of the “funk.” Our forward bunk has finally taken root in the forepeak.


We are running through our full sheets of plywood and making good headway on the interior. Garrett’s next step is the galley walls and half bulkheads.


It’s pretty exciting seeing bits framed into their proper places. There’s comfort in having decided on the layout and making permanent construction.

 I’ve been dividing my time between the next video and helping Garrett. I feel like I’m more keeping him company than helping which is maybe more important. I understand it’s tough being down below in the cold dark environment alone. I so easily get lost in editing footage up in the house I forget what it’s like onboard in the rain. It’s funny how quickly one adapts from one living situation to the next. I still prefer living on the boat but am sure taking advantage of the endless power and internet to crank out episodes.

 Finishing the top of the funk ran through the rest of the full sheets of plywood. Although a great idea to have put full sheets in the boat before closing the cabin walls in it’s not exactly the best place to cut out the puzzle pieces that make up the interior anymore. Bulkheads and bunks are filling Rediviva’s insides.

If I’m not careful I’ll get trapped inside!

The main mast comes through the deck at the foot of the bed so we’ll cut away some of the funk framing once the rest of the faces are secure. Our feet will end close to the mast and then the last 6 inches or foot will be cubbies or some kind of clothes storage up against the head bulkhead.

February is our goal for moving back onto the boat. One day all of our belongings will have their proper place aboard. Rediviva’s belly will be full of wine stowed for our first passage. Water tanks full and engine ready to purr. Her red hull will fly under the Golden Gate marking her completion. These are the thoughts that keep us pushing.