Some people paint the lofting floor and draw directly on top. Other people lay down builders paper to draw on. The point behind the builders paper is that you can roll it up and keep it stashed away incase you need to look at the lofting once you get rid of your floor.I had always planed on painting and drawing directly on the floor, but it seems like everyone was using the paper so I figured I would give it a try


Well…. It worked great… At first…

We laid down the paper without a hitch, and started lofting. we were so excited to actually be working on the boat we got the whole boat drawn out in the first day. We sat back admiring  her sweet sheer, and massive scantlings before turning in for the night. The next day brought us very indecisive weather. Hot and sunny, cold and rainy, and everything in between. Within three or four hours the temperature changes wreaked havoc as we watched the paper streatch 3/4” out then slack up to a wrinkly mess. After trying to kid myself for an hour or so it was obvious this would not work for precise measurements. Reluctantly Ruth and I tore up all our work and set ourselves back to the starting point….. you live and you learn…

DSCN4454 DSCN4458


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