build update

We haven’t posted for quite some time so I figured it was time for an update. We were away for a week or so, but we have been making some progress.

We got the keel all glued up and poisoned (thats what the green stuff is).


Next we did a little trimming and fine tuning. Then tacked on the patterns and marked the stations, rabbet, and bolt placement.

DSCN4806 DSCN4807

surprisingly everything lined up sorta like it’s supposed to!


Once we finished that up we took a trip out to Tacoma to pick up our keel bolt material.

DSCN4829   DSCN4827

We had a bunch of 20ft steel rod sent out to be hot dip galvanized. We will cut them to size and thread them on each end to make the giant bolts that hold the ballast to our keel.

DSCN4830 DSCN4833 DSCN4838

We will have to wait for the machine shop to thread the rod, but we should be able to get everything else lined up for the ballast pour in the mean time.


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