ballast pour

After months of hard work we finally poured the ballast! This marks a major turning point in the whole project because we can now move on to building our frames! We poured on the 23rd, and we have to let it sit for at least two weeks before we can stand it back up right. We have started the process for building our frames which we were really hoping to knock out while we waited for the keel to cure. Unfortunately the wood for the frames wont be ready for at least 3 or 4 more days so we will be delayed a bit. No big deal though, whats another few days I suppose… Anyway back to the subject at hand! The ballast pour went fine as frogs hair. We had some friends show up just in time, and they were a huge help. We hired a local cement company to bring a truck up which was totally worth it. It was inexpensive, on time, and the driver was really laid back. If anyone in the columbia river gorge needs some cement poured I recommend rapid ready mix in Bingen WA. We ended up with just the right amount of scrap iron, and the whole process took less than two hours!

DSCN5029 DSCN5031 Bolts driven through. Me and DJ building the ballast mold.

DSCN5039 DSCN5044 All the scrap iron about to be treated with ospho.

DSCN5045DSCN5054 Coating the rebar, and dry fitting scrap before the pour.

DSCN5057Here it comes!

DSCN5062Final touches.

DSCN5063 DSCN5066 A bit of a tight fit!

DSCN5071 He poured a little out at first to check the consistency. We added a bit more water…

DSCN5075 DSCN5078 All scrap, and second layer of rebar in.

DSCN5087 Smoothin things up.

DSCN5094 Pretty stoked!

DSCN5096 DSCN5100 For hydrodynamics…

DSCN5114 DSCN5116 DSCN5119 That is a damn stout keel!


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