Back to work!

We are back to work building frames after a two week trip down to California. They are coming together pretty quick so far. Although We could probably get at least two done per day I have set a realistic goal of one frame per day to balance productivity with my laziness.

DSCN5217 DSCN5218

Believe it or not they are actually lining up reasonably well to! We have 5 done so far , so I think in roughly 2ish weeks she will be completely framed!

SAM_0406 Yup…


4 thoughts on “Back to work!

    1. Hi Mark. The shaft log was built initially in two pieces with half of the shaft alley carved out in each piece. They were then glued together forming a perfectly straight hole down the middle. Far easier then drilling. As for the engine. In a perfect world we would have it now and install it before all the frames and whatnot get in the way, But we cant afford to buy one at the moment so were just gonna keep building and figure it out when we get there!


    1. Most likely used. If money wasn’t an issue we would put a new beta marine diesel in, but we will probably go with a used perkins 4-108 or a westerbeke. There are plenty of them around and they’re not to expensive.


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