Half way there!

We are officially half way through framing! It took us 9 days so hopefully she will be  all framed out in a little over a week. Thankfully summer is officially over, and it’s really starting to cool down. Which means much more productive days! Somehow we seem to be ahead of schedule despite all the setbacks from the crazy summer heat, and delays on materials. We still have no idea what winter will bring. The last two years were super mellow with no snow, but thats not the norm. Usually there is  quite a bit of snow,and temperatures dipping down into the teens. We will see I suppose!  Were trying not to get our hopes up, but if progress continues as it is I think we are looking at 6-8 months before she can be trucked to a boatyard to finish her off! Hard to believe… It’s a crazy thing to see something thats only existed in your mind as a dream for so long become a reality. It wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of everyone who has helped us along the way! Thank you!!

DSCN5297 DSCN5307 Her whole belly framed out! They will start to get smaller and smaller at both ends.

DSCN5287 Drilling for the last drifts through the keel with the giant auger our blacksmithing neighbor made for us! Thanks Jim!

DSCN5304 Ruth striking a cute pose with our salty lady.



3 thoughts on “Half way there!

  1. Good work! I spent 8 yrs building a 36′ Pinky schooner. Several of George’s plans I lofted and built models, one of which you’ll see in his stock plans, the 81 footer. ..


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