Home stretch!

Only three more frames to go in the bow! We can really start to see our salty lady’s shape with her sheer approaching the top of the shed, and all of her bodacious curves!

DSCN5347 Ruth posing at station 8 with the latest frame. Really gives an idea of how much room we will have up in the bow!

DSCN5352 You can see the climbing sheer that her deck will have.

DSCN5329 Wrapping a long batten around the hull to check the bevels, and position on the frames. So far everything is looking pretty good. Only 3 frames need minor adjustments.DSCN5318 Back to the table to start on the next frame!


4 thoughts on “Home stretch!

  1. Hey Big Sis and Big Brother-in-Law! Would you consider this part the fun part of building the boat because she’s actually starting to look like a boat? She looks awesome by the way!!


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