Garrett – 0… 2×4 – 1



I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. When you here something right above you falling towards your head… Don’t look up… Luckily it was so cold my face was numb, so I hardly felt a thing!

Other than using my face to catch large objects We have been making a little progress on the boat, and we are ( drumroll please) officially ready to plank the topsides! We are still on the weathers schedule for using our neighbors mill, but as soon as we can get our planking stock trimmed down we will be good to go! We did some test fitting with a couple clear 2×4’s We had lying around just to get the hang of things, and to see how hard it will be to bend the planking into shape. We used some clear flat sawn pieces, and they went in without to much trouble, which is really nice because our planking stock is all really nice tight, clear, quarter sawn lumber, so it should bend in even easier!


DSCN6137 Here is the first test plank.

DSCN6131 This shot gives you a good view of how much sheer will be in the bow.

DSCN6133 I am pleased!

The boat shed looks pretty crazy these days with all the scaffolding built. It’s a pretty tight fit with a few spots so narrow a person can barley squeeze through. Hindsight being 20 20 I probably would have built the shed a little bigger…



Wish us luck that we will get some good weather soon to mill up our planking!




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