Another Week on the Boat Front Waiting for Warmer Weather

Ruth here:

“Welcoming the 50 degree weather with cutting planking material and scarfing together our first planks! Garrett got all the scarfs cut and so now we’ve got them curing under two tent-like apparatus, meaning tarps thrown over the things. With not much in way of heating we’ve used one propane heater, two candles and oil lamps for the rest.

With hopefully the last few days of winter we are taking advantage of using it as a beer cooler!

Both Garrett and I are getting increasingly excited about the days becoming warmer and longer. Garrett can work well passed 5pm now. We are one month away from our 1st anniversary building Rediviva and we are aiming for another 9 months or so before she is either in the Columbia River or on a truck down to the Bay Area for finishing. One of the things both of us have enjoyed about doing this blog and the videos is that we can look back easily and realize how far we have come. At times it feels like we haven’t moved at all, which may be true, but summer is coming and winter is leaving and with that is new time to get shit done!

Cheers to progress!”


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