More planking….and stuff…and things…. ..

We are moving along with planking despite the nasty weather. Now that we have a few planks done we were finally able to get a pretty good idea about the layout of the planks, butt block spacing, and how much wood it’s actually going to take. It looks like we’re going to be a bit short on our planking material, but O well we will just have to hunt for more…  So far everything is still going together quite easily although the weather is still slowing things down a bit.  Here are a few picture updates!


DSCN6889 The sheer is starting to show even more. I wish we could get a picture that really shows her curves.

DSCN6902 Ruth being cute

DSCN6895 Planks seated in the stem rabbet

DSCN6905 If you want to build a wooden boat you will need to buy a butt load of clamps…





2 thoughts on “More planking….and stuff…and things…. ..

  1. Getting there! Thanks for the stem rabbet pic – I didn’t realize the stem was quite so massive. It looks like you didn’t have to trim (spile?) the inside of the plank at all – just lay it in there.

    Maybe those clamps can be recycled as inside ballast…


    1. Yes the stem is kinda ridiculously massive, but I like it that way… The rabbet is cut so the planks lay into it without having to do any shaping other than cutting a simple angle on the end. Same with the bottom planks. Its easier to cut the bevel of the rabbet to accept square edge planks rather than bevel the ends of the planks.


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