planking pictures

We finally have some pictures to share of our planking progress. We are on the fourth run of planking on both sides, and it will take eight runs to reach the chine. So far everything is going on easily, and we can really start to feel the boat gain strength and rigidity as all the frame work gets tied together.

DSCN7168 cutting the stem rabbet down for the fourth run.

DSCN7178 Fourth bow plank.

DSCN7175 This is where we are on both sides as of today. Lots of rain on the forecast so we’ll see what this week brings.

Thats all for now!

Garrett & Ruth


2 thoughts on “planking pictures

  1. Just awesome. It looks great.

    Are you having to bevel the frames to get the planks to lie flat on them, or is that not a problem?


    1. Hey Mark! I cut the correct bevel into all the frames when I built them. The bevels are taken from the lofting. I believe episode 3 shows the process.



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