Spring is in the air!

Ruth here:

“This week we may see up to 70 degrees! I just can’t contain myself.
We are moving right along. We’ve got the first plank on in the bow for run #5 and we’ve begun cutting the next planks for the rest of the 5th and then the 6th run. The sun is shining and I’ve got the next 4 days off to help Garrett get stuff done!

Here is the beautiful Redivivia now half way through her topside planking!


Keep sending the good vibes!”



5 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

    1. I love how beefy her construction is. Thats one of the major reasons we chose a Buehler boat. I have talked a bunch with George. He is super helpful, and always gets back to me right away with answers to any questions I have. Thats part of the deal when you buy plans from him!


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