topside progress

We are well past the halfway point planking the topsides! The planks are going on really fast now, and they are all the way down to the gussets. Which means I have to stop my momentum to install intermediate frames… The intermediates are fames that extend from the sheer to the chine. There will be one intermediate between each set of frames. They are really easy to make, and go pretty fast but it’s a bit tedious seeing as there are 34 of them to do.

We had an awesome lumber picking day at home depot of all places. A few good hours of sorting through the lumber piles we came out with over 120 LF of clear doug fir 2×8’s! This will save us hundreds of dollars on bottom planking! (they will be ripped down to 2×6)

DSCN7282 Much more area covered than whats left to cover! You can see two of the intermediates in between the 2nd and 3rd / 3rd and 4th frames.

DSCN7284 So far this is the only plank that required more patience, and precision. This plank is notched to except two planks with more extreme taper. This helps make up for the extra surface area towards the bow.

DSCN7290 Nice view of her sheer line. The planks at the stern are simply run out past the transom, and will be trimmed later.

DSCN7296 I can’t wait until we can see her in the open not cooped up in the shed!

Thats all for now!


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