Installing intermediates, getting quotes for trucking, and making frittatas!

Ruth here:

“This past week has consisted of hunting for materials, messing around with sticky substances like tar and epoxy, more supply runs, an assembly line, and finally installing the 34 intermediates to the boat. She looks so solid! Garrett changed his mind 4 times before deciding the “perfect” method. 3 intermediates are of the first design and the rest are the final verdict besides the first 4 in the bow which are cut from 4×6’s …. no joke they’re beef-cakes

We’ve also sent out 4 requests to quote the cost of trucking the boat to the San Francisco Bay Area for completion in a boatyard. We are pretty confident we will be able to have her ready for transport in the fall, September or October. Really exciting stuff. In the slot that asks for the “Make” it felt weird to type “Homebuilt.”


This has nothing to do with the boat and I can just picture Garrett shaking his head at me but I think it’s pretty cool and am quite proud of myself. Without an oven and no recipe I made a frittata! And with our neighbors duck eggs too! We even had some French Rose wine in the fridge to accompany and the beautifulest of mornings to enjoy it!

Cheers to progress!”


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