engine makeover, and more wood!

I managed to pull myself away from planking long enough to clean up and repaint the engine! She looks mighty sexy, and all went well aside from the spray can turned rocket that shot a volatile plume of red paint everywhere… We also stumbled upon a gold mine of clear fir when we were on a supply run in portland. The name of the company is Sustainable Northwest Woods I highly recommend them to anyone needing great quality fir at very reasonable prices. Not only were their prices great, but the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful! Check them out!  Sustainable Northwest Woods

These are very exciting days as they are the last days of topside planking! We are down to the last full run on the starboard side, and almost done with the 2nd to last run on the port. After that there are a couple runs from the bow that nib into the chine plank. Then all We have to do is spile the chine plank! I can practically taste the libations of the whiskey plank party!



DSCN7454 Lookin sexy!

DSCN7557 some of the beautiful fir from sustainable northwest woods fresh from the planer!

DSCN7550 planed down to planking thickness. Note all the saw dust!

We will be uploading the latest video as soon as I movie stops malfunctioning …

Thats all for now!


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