Topsides DONE!

Another milestone down! Topsides are completed! It was a great learning experience, but I am very happy to done with them… Now we can move on to bottom planking, and deck work. We have actually been squeezing a bit of deck work in the last couple weeks, and we have a couple beams already on. I figure we’ll work on the bottom and the deck at the same time. Mainly to keep me from getting bored. I apologize because once again we didn’t take great pictures before coming into town, but i’ll post what we have. It definitely makes it interesting keeping this stuff going while living in the sticks with no internet or reception. Although it gives us a good excuse to come into town, get a good coffee and relax while we bring things up to date. Anyway here are a few pictures of the progress!

DSCN7773 Pulling the 20ft bow plank into position.

DSCN7718 Pipe clamps were a must for these planks. (thanks Jim!)

DSCN7729 Kind of an awkward angle, but it’s the only picture we have so far of the topsides completed.

Better pictures should be on the way soon, but it feels amazing to have this stage of the build done! everything should be pretty simple after this, and progress should really start to fly! The plan is to have her all structurally built when we truck her ( hull, deck, cabin house, etc.) but save all the finish for the boatyard. I am really looking forward to that stage! Building the interior, and trimming everything inside and out with all the beautiful wood we’ve collected over the last year!

Well thats it for now. Have a good one!



6 thoughts on “Topsides DONE!

  1. Is the plan to epoxy and paint the wood? Or fibreglass?
    She looks awesome, can’t wait to see her in the water


  2. So anxious to see the progress! I’ve become an addict to this blog. It makes me want to dream big and attempt something similar. Maybe a retirement project!

    Best of luck!


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