92 Bottom Planks and a 3 Buckets of Tar

Ruth here:

“We should have told more people when we were starting to build to buy stock in Henry’s Roofing Tar and Tacoma Screw. Just in the bottom planking alone so far we’ve gone through 3 buckets of tar and 2,000 some odd screws!

DSCN6792 DSCN6824 DSCN5024

Finally some more up to date photos of her hull!

DSCN9043 DSCN9045 DSCN9040

Working on the deck for the next few days to get that framed in so when we come back from yet another short trip to California this week we can then start planking and gluing that together. With our recent score on lumber we intend on planking the deck instead of plywood and glass which makes both of us very happy.”

DSCN9036 DSCN9038


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