We have a deck!

Again sorry for the long delay between posts and videos. We will get back into the groove of interneting soon…  That being said exciting things are happening on the boat building front. We have completed the first layer of our deck! We have yet again altered plans slightly on the construction of the deck. We were going to cold mold it with a few layers of fir since we got all that great reclaim lumber. I would still love to do it that way, but building with only a generator for power has its limitations… My table saw just cant handle cutting all those strips out of the 2×12’s. The generator is just powerful enough to run it  , but only if i’m not pushing it to hard. I got through about 1/4 of what we needed and realized it wasn’t worth it. So we have decided to do a combination of the different methods. We laid down one layer of 3/8inch ply, and over that we plan on epoxying and fastening a layer of 1/2″x3″ fir strips. Then to finish it off we will glue a thin layer of decretive fir on top with gaps for caulking to make her look nice and salty 🙂

dscn9521    dscn9528


It’s pretty awesome to walk around up on deck, and all to easy to sit around day dreaming. We are starting preparations for winter. It’s getting cold fast and we both have no idea how summer went by so fast. Hopefully we’ll be back with another update soon! Have a good one!


6 thoughts on “We have a deck!

  1. Ply makes a lot of sense. Looks great so far.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget the bottom planking up forward. You’ll be needing that eventually… 🙂


  2. Do you think you will still get her trucked south before winter?
    Don’t forget to winterize the westerbeastie, we have had our first major snow fall already


    1. No unfortunately a pretty bad back injury delayed things quite a bit. We will most likely be here through the winter. We’re hoping to truck in the spring. Winterizing the engine is definitely on the before winter project list 🙂


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