5 thoughts on “Continuing the Cabin Work

  1. Awsome build you two, nice to see people following their dreams, and documenting it those of us who never quite got there – I settled for building a 5.5 metre lapstrake trailer yacht 🙂
    Just one wee thing – I cringe every time I see you guys using power tools, with no eye or hearing protection – I know you are both young, ten foot tall and bulletproof, but things like thicknessers chuck junk everywhere, and damn, they are loud. Take a look at this thread on the wooden boat forum, to see how easy it can all go horribly wrong http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?215524-Gawd-I-am-the-forum-s-prize-idiot
    End of lecture, carry on. Nice deck beams 🙂



  2. I have very much enjoyed watching the progression of the project! Looking forward to the next post and video. You two are doing an amazing job.


  3. Looks like you cut the cabin top supports from plywood and doubled the thickness of them instead of laminating the supports from solid wood. Makes sense but wondered if there was a particular reason?

    Also, have you noticed any changes in the wood with seasonal temp changes? I am looking at starting a boat here in Michigan and it will have to be built outside. I have been told that is a bad idea do to wood swelling and such as temps drop in winter time.

    Still enjoy reading your blog and watching videos. Some times I even re-read them just for motivation!



    1. Hi Gary, the only reason I made the beams from ply is that we had a bunch of scrap from the cabin walls, and it would have been a shame to waste it. Yes it’s not the “normal” way, but it will work just fine. The wood definitely moves a bit season to season, but it’s no big deal. The top sides don’t move as much being quarter sawn. Still they are snug during the winter then open open up just enough to see light through them during the summer. The bottom planks move a bit more as the are mostly flat sawn.


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