Snow’s Back


5 days into December we get our first snow! We drove out to Boise, Idaho that weekend, to where my brother lives, to trade trucks for the winter. It could not have happened at a better time! His truck has 4 wheel drive and is better equipped for snowy backroads. We arrived back home to a few inches on the ground and more falling.


Within the next week we received another 2 feet on snow. Seeing about the same amount as what accumulated total last year in a matter of 6 days! Our neighbors Subaru was practically buried.

We’ve been keeping busy despite the snow and cold. We ordered a bunch of goodies. Our first pound of caulking cotton, 3 irons to do the caulking, 5 gallons of cold weather epoxy, various sizes of fiberglass cloth to glass the decks, and Swab got 2 gigantic squeaking tennis balls.

As I write the snow continues to fall. We’re supposed to see another 5 to 8 inches before midnight. It’s crazy how much things slow down in this kind of cold. A lot of our time is spent tending to the fire and shaking the shed clear. I wished I had more updates on boat progress for you but alas nothing major has changed yet but soon!

It felt really good day before yesterday doing a good cleaning of the shed and inside the boat. She was full of sawdust and scrap trash. I vacuumed and swept her decks while Garrett planned and sanded her topsides in preparation of fiberglassing the decks (the glass will wrap passed the first two planks on the topsides.) We decided we didn’t ever want to mess around with leaky decks so we deviated a little from tradition. The next few days we are to see the temp drop into the single digits. Next Tuesday night we may even see the thermometer read 0 degrees!


Send your warmest thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Snow’s Back

  1. Nice post! Can’t send WARM thoughts as it is 10 F and 25-30 MPH winds here in N Michigan right now, but I do wish you both Positive thoughts. Imagine when you are in swimsuits / naked most of the time in the Caribbean or similar, under a light following wind, drinking a cold one. It WILL happen, Keep it up guys…. Living vicariously through you both. Peace n Calm.


  2. Well, if my place had a fireplace, I’d put an extra log on for you. Hey, once you get a rhythm going on the caulking you’ll warm right up. Maybe put the iron in the oven first…

    Ever so very warmly, Mark.


  3. Acabo de volver de unas pequeñas vacaciones en Maspalomas, Isla de Gran Canaria, España. Solo 77ºF en la playa. Mi pensamiento voló a vuestro astillero, recordando la música de vuestros videos.


  4. Many warm thoughts from the SF Bay Area. We have enough to spare, although us wimps down here think 40F is cold.

    (I do think you’re crazy kids, but it’s a warm, strange beautiful crazy! Thanks for sharing it with us.)


  5. Hello, Garrett and Ruth, truly amazing! I didn’t think people like you existed anymore! Your ability to nonchalantly work through every hurdle of your dream and build process and make it happen is inspiring to say the least. after not finding much on the internet pertaining to the boats i was interested in stumbled on an episode in the framing process i new within a few seconds this had to be Buehler , then watched from beginning to end , this is the perfect companion to the book, and boatbuilding aside not to get sappy but the one of the best love stories I’ve seen, please keep them coming ! If you ever sail to New England drinks on me!! Mike


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