I almost forgot to introduce the newest furry member of the crew!DSCN1818

Miss Jada has put in a good days work eating up all the snow. Pushing the winter out and helping the spring in.

Garrett’s begun placing the cabin deck beams in. One is fully installed and the next ready to be fastened. Despite the snow continuing to fall, the day was warming up to a delightful 35 degrees making it a perfect day to get back to filling bungs! Hoffa worked with me mixing up epoxy and starting in on the starboard topsides. We made quick work getting done what took me 2 days on the port side in 3 hours. 451 countersink holes were filled,  6 batches of cold weather-epoxy were mixed, 1 batch smoked, another hardened too quickly, and only 2 gloves ripped. It felt good, the first work day as a crew. The music played in the background as we each carried out our duties for the day.



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