Today was Awesome!


If today is a glimpse at what the rest of our stay here in the Northwest is going to look like then bring it on! We’re supposed to receive rain the next 7 days but that’s tomorrow’s problem. Today the sun peaked in and out and inside the shed we may have seen like 55 degrees! Hoffa and I worked on the second layer of glass on the hull-to-deck joint while Garrett cut into the western red for the cabin top beams.

“The day was bomb-diggity. Very glad I pulled my butt out of my ass and decided to do the beams well, and do them right. Really pretty stuff. I definitely feel my motivation returning. Felt good, awesome, to get out to the boat early. To get a real solid day in and make some real progress. I’d say the day was just about as good as a lemon flavored snow cone.”

There you have it folks a winning statement from our Captain

We made it to the boat around 9am and stayed past 6 (longest day since November!) One full day of mixing epoxy and stretching out fiberglass cloth. Garrett even made me and Hoffa a sandwich and brought us a beer! Happy crew, happy ship.


A little snow-fight break and food always puts you in the mood to glass a deck… Isn’t that what mama always said?

Settling in for the evening with hot tea, steaks, and hookah after an excellent day of progress. We can all sleep well tonight knowing that we kicked today’s butt and will do it again tomorrow if we have to. It’s time to embrace today and yell at the snow until it melts


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