Glassing the Deck


Last Thursday we covered the entire deck. It surprisingly didn’t take that long…I guess we are still getting used to having 3 people capable of working! The boys slipped on their little blue booties and went to town on deck. I trimmed the edges and glassed the corners. We listened to music until the speaker died, I took pictures till the camera died, and we caught a timelapse of our labor until the GoPro died. We drank champagne to celebrate the momentous day then watched a movie and passed out like we were dead! We were an excitable bunch! Any way here are some photos of the day šŸ™‚

(prepping/sanding the deck)

(breaking out the huge roll of fiberglass cloth and measuring, preferably twice, thenĀ cutting the needed length)

(stretching out the individual pieces, trimming the overhang, now all that’s left is to mix up a few batches of epoxy and wet it out)


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