Walking into Year #3


Do you remember this? I do. March 2015, and the build has begun. 2 years ago we started laying the foundation that would house Rediviva. We didn’t even know her name at this point. So many things were unknown. I can feel it quite clearly. The excitement of our fresh readiness.

(Below) Recap of Year #1, 2015

March 2016, year #2, she stands tall. We wrap planks around her ribs to keep her warm. We put an engine in her belly. We open the walls of her home to give her air in the summer and tuck her back in for the long winter. We eat wild strawberries at her feet and drink coffee on her bow. We find tall straight trees for her sails to stretch out from. We lay her deck down and the structure she requires. We buy her gifts of lumber and place them at her sides.

(Below) Recap of Year #2, 2016

Today, March 2017, we look forward to the day she can leave the woods behind her. We’re cleaning up her mark on this spot. Finishing her cabin top and moving onto her interior is electrifying. Soon we’ll caulk her seems, sand, and paint her hull! Closer to summer the goal is to dismantle the shed. Can you believe that! We’ll actually be able see Rediviva outside in the open air, free from the shell she was born in.

And for now, the aim is to transport her to San Francisco in the fall. Transitioning there into year #4 we will rig her, launch her, and sea trial in the bay until we all feel ready to set out to sea for good (maybe even the following fall (2018???)) Through the gate and turn left!



5 thoughts on “Walking into Year #3

  1. “Time and tide wait for no man” (woman). I tried to think of something “salty” to say… But all I can say is WOW! That’s a lot of work. Thanks for the recap.


  2. Are you guys going to finish her where she sits? Or do you still plan to move south?
    Boat is looking awesome, nice work


  3. We are still planning on moving the boat south to SF in the fall. That being said it doesn’t mean something could happen and make that change since we said this last year but with Garrett’s back we ended up staying another winter. But that’s the idea anyway. We are a little limited by color for the hull because the boat is wood we have to choose something light or else it will dry out the wood too quickly. We’d love to paint her topsides red but most likely we’ll go an off white almond color. We painted two other boats this almond color and it looked really nice. Not blinding and normal like flat white. I’m still trying to convince Garrett to paint her red, we’d be committed to sailing her often to keep her hull wet and us moving


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