Cabin Ceiling

The day has arrived to unearth the Port Orford Cedar. Buried under scrap Douglas Fir and various pieces of Black Locust the creamy yellow soft wood was hibernating. Waiting for its purpose to be revealed.


Technically the cabin roof will be constructed with 5 layers of material. Layer #1, where the Port Orford comes in, is 1.5in by .75in for esthetics down below. Layers #2 and 3 will be from .25in exterior ply. Layer #4 will be the fiberglass. Finally, layer #5 for      esthetics on deck we’ll use .25in Douglas Fir strips to appear traditional.                     (Sorry to be redundant for some of you consistent followers)


Setting the table saw to 1.5in to rip the 2bys down.

Double check with a test plank.

Then pass over to Hoffa and I to plane any saw burns away and sand the corners round for finish.



All too often the table saw gets a little overwhelmed and bogs down forcing Garrett to wait it out.





Setting the strips atop the cabin beams to get a feel for how it’s all going to come together.

We worked into the evening until our Captain returned from a quick run into town. He brought gifts of hearty veggies and steak including libations of wine. Not a bad way to cap off an awesome day of boatbuilding!


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