Episode #21

Finding balance in this episode. Between boat building and sailing. Reminding ourselves that we are building Rediviva to eventually go sailing and see the world! This is going to be awesome.
Thank you for following!
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4 thoughts on “Episode #21

  1. I forgot to comment earlier, but I have to say the new roof looks fantastic.
    She’s looking more seaworthy and elegant every day.


  2. Greetings from Finland! Love Your Boat, She’ll be beautiful Beast! Just binge watched all Your videos, great work documenting the build. I have a humble wooden boat channel, maybe You want to check it out. There is some maintenance tips for wooden boats. Although our boat is totally different style, it’s traditional wooden boat for this nick of the world. It’s local design in traditional clinker planking like old fishing boats here in Baltic.
    Keep up the good work! Resilience!


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