Release the Beast


Rediviva is getting too big for her britches and she’s just itching to stand alone outside. Well, in reality, Garrett is the one who’s overdo for a major change! We all are really. He cut down the front face of the shed and it’s still not enough. Now that the weather is just getting better and better and rain storms are a little less frequent we are taking the steps to remove the shed.


Garrett’s begun building separate stands away from the shed to store all of our lumber. Including new mast stands (those were fun to move!) He’s slowly realizing just how much lumber we do have! “No wonder it felt so cramped in the shed. Look how much wood we have!” He said. Spoiled. Redwood, Black Locust, Douglas Fir, Port Orford, Western Red, and more scrap than he can manage.


While Garrett was fully busy with his wood Hoffa and I were fiberglassing the cabin
walls and laying a thick layer of epoxy to coat the deck evenly. Everything on deck is now glassed and weather tight! We will still add another layer of glass to the cabin walls and make sure where the cabin attaches to the deck is solid.

We are just checking one thing right after another off the list of to-do’s before trucking! I think I can say it, although I shouldn’t (I’ll knock on wood,) we are definitely not getting stuck in the Northwest for another winter!!!

We just can’t wait to see Rediviva stand in all her glory free from the shed. I can’t wait to show you. She already looks so fantastic with the little sneak peak view:


6 thoughts on “Release the Beast

  1. Good heavens Ruthie, feed Garrett! He’s looking pretty skinny these days. Tacos and pizza, that what he needs.


  2. You didn’t mention it, but I’m sure you know, that epoxy wont last long in the sun. It will need some UV varnish or covered one way or another. We built a kayak a few years ago and didn’t know epoxy was so UV sensitive, well you could imagine what happened. Looking good though, big step getting her weather tight.


    1. Yeah, we’re not done with the deck yet haha We’re going to be laying a layer of 1/4″ doug fir atop the fiberglass (not screwing, gluing) as soon as our next order of epoxy gets in. This will give the appearance of a traditionally planked deck but without any weathering concerns or leak worries. For now though the boat’s covered in shade cloth. Thanks Scott. We’re super excited to picking up the pace!



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