Paying the Seams

We’ve got our supplies and we’ve got our power stance.


We wanted to use the standard seam compound from Interlux but the little marine store wanted nearly $60 for a single quart. That just wasn’t going to do. We thought about our good ol’ buddy tar but a little hesitant because we don’t really want it to run or seep through. So we thought about our next go to, polyurethane. At $5 a tube, that was a little better.

It’s a good thing we’ve had plenty of “grip” exercise from clamping every plank into place because squeezing the caulking gun at a slow and steady pace really kills your palms.


It’s so cool to see these seams close up. We put the first plank on February 11th last year!


This sealant doesn’t smell nearly as good as the SL30 which smells just like chocolate. The best part was smoothing over the seams. After we got about 4 rows done it began to look like a finished hull. I’m really excited to be doing this step because I’m even more excited about what comes after, painting the topsides! We might do something crazy like RED!

Although a lot of folks love the minty green. There’s only one coat of primer on the topsides so the green wood preservative is shining through. We’ll see 🙂



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