The Hull is Sealed

So we were having issues with the tubes rupturing and blaming the moisture in the air; while we believe that’s still partially the case we realized the push rod wasn’t exactly straight. Garrett rounded this scrap piece of wood and presto! It works perfectly, keeping the rod straight and! helps squeeze every last bit of compound out leaving no waste.

On that note, now that Garrett’s finished all the cotton, the only thing left to do to seal up the hull is to fill the rest of the topside seams.

The best part is coming back over the filled seams with the putty knife pushing in the compound then scraping off the excess to leave a fare seam. The hull looks magnificent.

As a write, now every seam is filled. What happens next is a week waiting period for the compound to set then we lightly sand her smooth and PAINT! I can hardly stand it. Every day, every minute, I feel we are closer. From the inside no light leaks through a single seam. She is ready to swell. So the bottom planks because of their orientation, cross-planking, don’t need any cotton. Being short runs of flat sawn timber the bottom seals up just like a wine barrel. Garrett was able to install each plank close enough together, a really tight fit, that it won’t take much absorption to make her water-tight. So the tar I squeezed into every bottom seam is purely to slow the flow of water into the boat until she takes up. This is going to be fun!

The sun sets on one day of work only to rise again on the next, we are accomplishing progress each day. We’ve got some solid leads on some of the prop assembly and even a possible subscriber to help fabricate the rudder fittings. Things are happening you guys and it feels great!



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