I’m Alive!


I went into the ER this last Thursday for crazy abdominal pain and a high fever. The pain started the Saturday before and the fever began late Tuesday night. By Wednesday my fever peaked at 104.7 and trying to break it myself with our home med kit and ice packs we were able to lower it back to 99 but Thursday morning it was right back up to 102. When Garrett awoke not 10 minutes later and retook my temperature it was 103; I knew then that he, my family, and coworkers were right I had to go to the hospital. Something was wrong. I was terrified, I hate hospitals like people hate the dentist. I was nervous. The doctor on the floor quickly eased my worries with his determination to figure out what this was, it didn’t hurt he was easy on the eyes too. He ordered an ultrasound and a CT right away. Had blood drawn and got me on pain medication. The ultrasound was to look at my gallbladder and if I needed surgery to have it removed. That wasn’t it. The blood tests proved it was an infection but where was it coming from? The urine test gave us the first clue; I had a UTI. The CT scan revealed my kidneys were the ones struggling. My body was trying to fight with an extreme white cell blood count of 27 but it needed help. They got me on an IV and started my first dose of antibiotics. Every single doctor and nurse was kind, efficient, and professional. I’ve never had a health care experience like this. The nurse informed me I would have to remain in the hospital for a few days to load up on fluids and for them to culture my urine to make sure they have me on the right antibiotic to fight this thing. Over the next 4 days I had waves on pain and shakes but Monday the nurse wheeled me outside to catch the last bit of sun where Garrett pulled up the car and we went home. Garrett stayed every night (except for the one night I had a roomie he wasn’t allowed to stay) right by my side helping me to the bathroom, washing my hair, getting me more and less blankets continuously. He slept in a chair. He told me it was a lot like being on-watch at sea. He went to that same state of mind, a calm but assiduous demeanor, light on his toes and alert to any sound. The hours seemed to disappear becoming only landmarks to the last pain pill taken or vitals check. I’m so thankful for my crew, teammate, and husband. Needless to say I’m forced to rest on the bench this week. Garrett will be putting two coats of primer on the starboard side and beginning to sand the port side fare. Before all this hullabaloo he did make it to the boat last Tuesday and finished preserving the whole starboard side. Getting the green preservative, copper-naphthenate, above the waterline and black, Creocoat, below the waterline to the chine.



12 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. So happy to see your on the mend. Our love to you both you remind us of us when we were young both of us now 65 Your dreams and love for each other are inspiring We truly enjoy watching your life God bless and keep up the great work Don + Tammy


    1. Thank you Don and Tammy! Garrett’s still nursing his ribs from his coughing sickness so we’re two matching sick baby birds over here haha Makes you really appreciate your health. Thanks for your kind words 🙂


  2. Look after yourself Ruth, your health is super important, hope your felling better.
    garret, your the man, good on you.
    All the best to both of you.
    Love from Scotland…. 👍😁


  3. I had an itch to check on your progress – I was so delighted to see how far things have come along. I had not expected to hear about your health troubles, we wish you speedy healing.

    You two are amazing!!!


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