Love in Boats


Taking advantage of the break in the weather we were finally able to prime the port side.

This is my element. I love painting. It’s been a bit weird up to this point only being able to help Garrett in small ways. Bedding something in tar or brushing on preservative and let’s not forget the important part of handing him things. That’s really what’s been so great about filming and creating the episodes; it gives me a bigger purpose.


I really get excited standing back and envisioning her finish paint. I have thoughts that almost feel like memories of freshly stroking her name onto her hull for the first time. Garrett and I have been messing about in boats for nearly the whole time we’ve known each other. The 6 boats that came before Rediviva were all projects except for maybe the last one, Scout. We worked out the perfect team. Broken down simply Garrett worked the decks and I kept down below in order. The first order of business when we acquired a boat would be clean and organize. Garrett clearing the decks figuring out what to keep, what to toss, and what needed to be fixed. I, pretty much the same list, figured out what was usable down below, what needed to get off the boat, and what needed painting. I think through that process is how the boat and I got to know each other. I walk her floor boards (sometimes after hours of cleaning to get to them) open every door, cabinet, and dark space to give her air. Then we begin a relationship, it sounds silly but the love I feel when the paint supplies come out is real.

This is only 3 coats of primer so it doesn’t fully count as it’s still prep work but once the roller saturated in her topcoat color hits her sides I’ll be truly in love.

We’ve been taking our time to get to know one another so it’ll be a lasting relationship….until Garrett gets another bright idea 😉



4 thoughts on “Love in Boats

  1. Looking awesome! I feel the same way as I put all the work into opening a new store and put the finishing beautiful touches on …that’s when I really fall in love too!


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  2. Hi Folks,

    We are enjoying your progress . Can’t wait to see the final color scheme. My vote is for green. I kind of got used to the color of the wood preservative 😀. Maybe you get some input from your many supporters. Make a contest of it !

    We would like to visit you at some point when the weather turns nicer. Also I may have a few things in my sailing locker that would be of value to you. I swear that this the year i’m Going to clean it out.

    In the meantime, if you are traveling down to the South Bay, please look us up. We are getting Moonshadow ready for Mexico.


    1. Thanks Dale! Your vote’s in the hat haha
      We’d love to see you at the boatyard!
      Give us an email if you might be traveling north:
      We have some friends heading to Mexico this fall!
      We had hopes we might be doing the same but the season’s come up so fast….
      as it always does right!?!?!



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