Boys?!?! What are you doing…


Sometimes I’m scared to go home…because of what I might find

Our spare spare will stay on the ground so we can lop it up into sections for booms, gaffs, or bowsprit

We’ve been paying the yard an extra $75 a month to store our masts. The masts have sat behind a building in the heat (regrettably forgotten at times) since the boat arrived to Napa 8 months ago. Sadly an “out-of-sight out-of-mind” kind of thing. So it was time we took better care of them and stopped paying extra for them to be far away from the boat. We’re not ready to step them but at least getting them on deck will get us to not pay money but pay better attention.



The boys devised a plan: After hours 4 of them would lift our two spars and the spare spar onto the truck rack with someone supporting the over hang and drive all the way across the yard back to the boat then parking as close to the bow as possible 3 would lift up the mast to one person on deck then one by one the truck lifters would run around and join the person on deck to fully get the mast onto the stands on deck. Simple.

When we’re ready we’ll step the masts up into place from the water. For now it’s really exciting to be checking all the little details off the list!

I finally got around to oiling them a week before this:

Let’s try and make that a monthly chore…


6 thoughts on “Boys?!?! What are you doing…

  1. Hi, the extra work on the house was worth all the time, the boat looks now better proportioned. Well done, best work best decision…..Now with the masts on the boat , there is another part what makes it again ,step by step more complete.I am still watching your videos and so happy that you are ” unstoppable” , all the best from germany,cheers, Roland


  2. Garret – stumbled on to your channel and love what your doing. I spent my entire childhood working on gaff rigged cutters and then in later years I own a rigging company. I have wire rope splicing vises and large Nico Press tools & lg Felco wire cutters I would like to donate to your cause. Please let me know if you have an interest. Not sure what type/size wire you intend for the standing rigging. I can help with teaching eye splices on 7X7 7X19 & 1X19


    1. Oh very awesome! I’ll have to get Garrett on here to talk about rigging as I don’t know exactly what we’re doing. I know he’s been talking about doing like Kevlar wormed,parceled,and served but having a good splicing vise for even that would be killer. What email is best to reach you at?
      Thanks so much Pete!


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