Waiting on the driveline to be complete is proving difficult… Garrett can’t move on the rest of the interior until he has the engine fully hooked up to the driveline because there’s the possibility of needing to raise the floor. But by how much?

..so we wait..

 Can’t complain really because obviously we’ve been making good progress. I can always tell when Garrett’s been on a roll with projects because the boat desperately needs some tidying 😉

A few finishing touches on mounting the engine rounded out the week. The 3/4in rubber arrived in the mail. Replacing the plywood risers the rubber fits between the engine beds and the new mounts. It’s crazy thick stuff. Garrett tried to rip it with the jig saw but that just started to tear it up. A little team work usually solves the problem.

The rubber will help absorb some of the shake and noise from the engine. Now all the bolts and lags are in, the engine is secure!


Garrett’s pretty ready to switch to some deck work, feeling a little trapped inside, but it would mean totally changing gears and he’s set up for interior projects right now. It’s hard but the best decision is probably to wait. Easier said then done for this captain.

A final rattle test:


ok! Ready for the rest. The driveline company said “end of week” so maybe tomorrow will be the day!?!?



4 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Exciting stuff, espically the drive line design. Can you get the ‘real marine ply with mahogany surface?’ My dad’s old wood boat was made with lots of that and could be varnished and edges exposed. Expensive but way less finishing work….it should have a Bs1088 stamp on it. 100% rot proof too…. but you guys know this 🇬🇧W


      1. Thanks for the link Warren but we are just using standard ply for the interior since we do have all this really nice lumber on hand to use for finish trim and paneling. Garrett gets really into those finishing touches and working with solid timber. Mahogany plywood would be great and faster too if we were going to leave the ply exposed.
        Happy holidays 🙂


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