The Driveline

Garrett picked up the driveline just before the new year and was able to install it before we left for a family trip. It is beefy!



Under the floor boards it rests. We had to make an extension piece from the engine so the driveline cleared one of the floors and the middle floor had to be trimmed out a bit.

Garrett had to order the coupling that attaches to the engine separately and the 6 inch shaft that then goes into the driveline. The company that made this custom for us was really awesome and used some recycled end yokes to help keep our cost down.

 Above are some photos of the universal joints.

The zinc is only there to stop the prop shaft from exiting the boat. Garrett placed it there before we moved Rediviva to her current dock. We still need a thrust bearing which will do the job of holding the shaft in place and absorb the thrust when the engine is running and in gear.


We’ve had none stop rain since getting back from our family christmas trip but today the sun is shining down on Rediviva’s deck. Garrett’s been doing some work on the companion way hatch in the garage so the tarps close up the boat making it more cave and dungeon like. I think some companion way doors are also in order…maybe some ports too?!?! It’s on the list 😉


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