4 thoughts on “Episode 51 – From Plank to Soup

  1. Wow, how nice… You know my wife reminds me on just about every project to take it easy and not over do it everyday… Good advise. Take care my friends and thank you for the many hours of wonderful videos over the years. Sending you lots of love.

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  2. Great progress! The bulwarks look pretty cool, and I’m sure you guys have a plan, but I can’t figure out how you will deal with docking lines and even a genoa sheet.


    1. Hi Roger, there’s about an inch gap between the deck and the bulwarks for dock lines. As far as the sheets for the genoa and the yankee there will be a cap rail on top the bulwark stanchions where the blocks will be mounted. Can’t wait to have all the systems dialed in! Still feels like such a long ways away but one piece at a time haha 🙂


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