6 thoughts on “Windows Finally!!! Ep. 80

  1. Just an observation and nothing more. A few videos back, a question was asked. The question was, where do you get your money to continue your project. Since it seems neither of you seems to have a conventional job. And I believe the response given by Garret as he seemed to look down in some kind of embarrassment. Is that you make do with little or something to that effect. Nicely done on getting around answering the question. So why not just be transparent and answer the question. That you make your money from merch and Youtube and Paytren and Gofund me. And at this point i’m wondering if this comment has survived or has fallen to the delete button. So I guess in the end is to build the boat and sail on. Which is fair enough, but then the question would be what happens when you have no more vacations to sell. Like I said this is nothing more then an observation is all.


    1. Hi Anthony, I’ve read your comment and we do make our money from our Youtube channel. Salt & Tar is our full-time job as well as building Rediviva. We get paid from ad revenue and personal pledges via Patreon. Our shirt sales bring in about 20 bucks here and there. Garrett’s point was that we don’t make much but it’s enough. We are so thankful to not have a ‘conventional job’ because it allows us to continue this dream together as a team. I’d like to think that we are fairly transparent but some questions are more personal than others. We work with what we have and although our channel is growing we still make under 40k a year and we still have a boat to build. This means we have to be methodical about how we spend our money to make this all happen, often sacrificing creature comforts. We’re not embarrassed, this is exactly how we like it. A quote I’ve always loved from Captain Fatty, “I have little and want less.”


  2. Hi Ruth and Garrett, for your dinning table you could have a fixed section against the hull extending out ’till it is level with the cabin side and put a piano hinge there so that the inboard part of the table can hinge up to be vertical against the porthole. With a fixed section it gives you somewhere to slide the contents of the tabletop allowing you to fold it up. Also the fixed section could be a box with a loose top for your bottle storage. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Hayden! Good ideas. We’re also still debating if we want to be able to put the table down to have a small bunk there as well…. So many possibilities haha


  3. I have a few sailboat odds and ends leftover from my work with Cal sailboats back in the 70’s. Couple of prisms (heard you mention), couple of winches, thru hulls, seacock, etc.
    Can I send you a picture? Stuffs’ been in a box for 40 years, not doing me any good. Tell me what you want & where to send it.


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