3 thoughts on “Turning Dead Eyes (Ep.90 )

  1. Hello,
    I saw a ships brass bell hanging on the wall next to the door at Charlies shop. I have one just like it that my wife and I bought 45 years ago when we were thinking about getting a boat. The boat never happened and after 49 years I lost my wife, so if you would like the bell I would be proud to send it to you because I think my wife would have liked you guys and been very happy to know that the bell had a good home. anyway if you would like it (no pressure) I will gladly send it to you. Please let me know. By the way my wifes name is Charlotte.
    PS I’m from South Carolina by way of Panama City, Florida


    1. Hi Johnnie, thanks for writing! We actually already have a bell. Been carrying it around for years. Came off a boat that got crushed, too far gone. I’m sorry to hear about your wife. Garrett and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary, we’ve got a lot of years to fill!


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