3 thoughts on “What a Ketch! (episode 96)

  1. It looks like some, if not all of your fasteners are some form of iron. Are you concerned about the ferrous metal causing iron disease in the wood and leading to rot?

    I’ve been watching the Sampson Boat Co. series on traditional wooden boat building and in the early episodes there is lots of rot around iron or steel fasteners.


    1. Hi George,
      Sorry for getting back to you so late but I’ll answer as best I can. Lots of boats have used galvanized fasteners and for hundreds of years. Like Talley Ho who is 106..or 9 years old. Not bad for all the neglect she endured. There are better metals to use but they also come with a big price tag. Using galvanized fasteners and steel fittings just means more maintenance and attention. All our iron has been treated either with galvanizing or paint (ospho, epoxy primer, black rustoleum) If money wasn’t an issue we would’ve gone with bronze or copper rivets. But then we might not have built a Buehler boat or built with some of the lumber we chose. As it is Rediviva will last our lifetime and beyond if we properly maintain her. Leo is doing an amazing job and when he’s done Talley Ho will last another 100 at least!


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