4 thoughts on “Hoist Away-Stepping Our Own Mizzen Mast (ep102)

  1. Hi guys, I’m a guy from Norway, I’ve been following the construction of this boat from the beginning. very interesting project, i like this very much. but, it is always a but. I am a seaman by profession and we are very concerned about safety at sea. I have noticed that you do NOT have an escape route from the cabin, not to criticize too much, but I think you should have such an escape route in front of the boat. good luck with the project and good sailing😊👍 ps. I love you❤🍺


  2. Hi Garrett and Ruth (and of course, the star of the show, Swab!)
    I’ve enjoyed watching your videos. Thank you for making them! I’m sure it’s not easy to let the whole world into your lives. I am not able to offer financial support, but thought I can offer one small tip. I hope this reaches you before you caulk the seams on your cabin top. I saw the difficulty you had with the deck seams. And the difficulty most people have doing a neat job with a caulking gun! The tip is to push the gun rather than pulling it. The bead will be pushed ahead of the nozzle and pushes the caulking down into the gap and the nozzle itself cleans up behind and smooths it out. You just adjust your speed with the gun depending on the flow rate and volume being filled so the is kind of a small ball of caulking just in front of the nozzle. If the ball is too big, you have a mess and too small and the crack isn’t filled completely. That’s where practice comes in! Also, the angle of the gun controls how it looks. If the back end is closer to the surface, so the angle of the gun to the surface is more acute than the angle the nozzle is cut off, then the bead will be slightly concave. This is usually neater and if everything is just right, it will require no clean up. Raise the back of the gun and you can get a convex bead, but, depending on the size of the gap and nozzle, it can let a bunch of caulking spill around and make a mess.
    Hope that will help and keep up the good work!


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