3 thoughts on “Episode 105- Call the Welding Guru

  1. I’m no nautical brainiac. No experience in rigging or boat design. But I think the bowsprit should follow the deck lines. That would make a nice look imho. 🙂


  2. Hi guys been watching you all for a long time I sold my
    38 Hans Christian and am looking to buy a
    33 Hans Christian just love that old world feel for these boats, anyway you have been at it for over 5 years when do you for see finishing and setting sail


    1. Great Boats! If you haven’t seen/followed our friends on SV Prism you should check out their channel and blog they have a Hans Christian 33. Our project seems never-ending at times but our goal is one more year before we’re sailing. Not cruising and crossing boarders but sailing. Crossing boarders might not even be an option still in a year, who knows. We really are getting close to the finish line but still a ways to go.


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