2 thoughts on “Ep.220- Last Port in Cali

  1. Hey you guys, by any chance were you leaving San Diego on 12/3/22 around 2:15pm? I was watching the Pt. Loma harbor video that follows most of the U.S. Navy’s vessels transiting the channel. I saw a vessel that looked exactly like yours leaving the area. The USS Carl Vinson, CVAN 70, was also leaving and you crossed the channel in front of them. The video was taken I guess with a telescopic lense which tends to distort distances, so it looks like you are about 200 ft in front of the carrier. Having served time on a carrier, USS Lake Champlain, CVS39, years ago, the “little” red hulled ,gaff rigged sailboat caught my eye. It was also towing their dinghy. Just curious. Have a safe trip down the Coast, I used to live in LA and sailed to San Diego many times, I had a 30′ Laguna sloop.
    I have followed you guys from the beginning. You have done an amazing job. Oh, keep an eye out as you transit the coast, there are a ton of lobster pots along the coast.

    Fair winds and be safe and Merry Christmas.

    George Brady


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