The Keel

We have finally started to build a boat! We bought all the lumber for our keel yesterday. The keel is made up of 10 or so large timbers. The biggest of which is called the keelson. Our keelson is 10″x12″x30′ made up of 20 pieces of douglas fir laminated together with epoxy. I set up a laminating area on the lofting floor and dry fit all the pieces. We were all set to start gluing today, and make the most of Ruth’s three days off. Unfortunately the weather didn’t like that plan. It will be cold and rainy for the next couple days, and we need at least 60 degrees for the epoxy to set, so looks like we will be waiting until sunday.

DSCN4538 DSCN4536DSCN4540 DSCN4565


One thought on “The Keel

  1. Er ma gerd WOOD! I admire your positive attitude. And Garrett, I am so impressed that you are blogging! Y’all should definitely make the entries into a book for the boat when she is complete.


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